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What Our Members Say

  • Donald's Vineyard in West Virginia
    After attending your pruning webinar, this morning's continued pruning is like walking into a new vineyard. My mistakes of the past decade are glaring and obvious but so are the solutions! Your timely advice was just what this vineyard needed!
    Donald – VA
  • Amanda's vineyard in WV
    I've gotten SO MUCH out of my membership with you. It’s so great to have someone to go to for specific questions, as I'm the only grape grower I know. The online resources are super helpful too!
    Amanda – WV
  • Grapevines in mist
    The benefits to my crew from the information in just a single pruning webinar more than paid for the cost of my annual membership.
    Craig – NC
  • Wine Grape Clusters
    I just joined Virtual Viticulture Academy and have already learned so many things. Thank you for coming up with Virtual Viticulture Academy; such a progressive approach to advising.
    Christine – CA
  • Texas Vineyard
    I ordered my 2nd block of plants from Inland Desert Nursery and received the $500 discount! Thanks for providing these vendor discounts to your members. It certainly does pay for the membership.
    David – TX
  • Grapevines and Mark
    I love the information on your website. Joining Virtual Viticulture Academy is the best investment I’ve made since I’ve started (wish I had found it last year, it probably would have eliminated a ton of costly mistakes).
    Mark – PA
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